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Perfume Copies  for Women

What are Copy Perfumes?

Also known as perfume dupes, similar perfumes, or smell-a-likes. Our fragrances should NOT be confused with fake perfumes. NICCO only sells genuine Eau de Parfum. These have a higher concentration of essential oils. This gives the fragrance a more intense longer lasting smell.

People refer to these as perfume copies for one main reason. They smell almost identical. Our perfumes last as long (if not longer) than luxury designer perfume brands.

Best Selling Copy Perfumes for Women

Our best selling perfume copies to buy online.

Why Buy Copy Perfume?

Copy perfumes from NICCO are Eau de Parfum (EDP). The concentration of oils are higher than Eau de Toilette (EDT). The higher concentration means they will be even more intense and will also last longer. Longevity differs for each perfume but will typically be 8-10 hours compared to 2-4 hours for EDT.

Buying designer branded perfume comes at a cost. A high cost! Perfume copies from NICCO, which are similar to designer brands, costs less. You could save up to 90% on some copy perfumes for women.